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Strings Young The Giant This self-titled album dropped during my first year of college in San Luis Obispo. These melodies, for me, hold within them the simultaneous excitement and terror of moving from a small suburban town to a coastal college community. They have the taste of saltwater in the air and the warmth ofContinue reading “Strings”

Roll Like Thunder by Jake Wells

Spotify: Youtube: Jake Wells has an interesting approach in his songwriting. In many of his songs, he writes through an experience, rather than about an experience. Roll Like Thunder is one of those songs. Somehow, through the music, you can almost see the thunderstorm through a window or underneath an overhang, watching theContinue reading “Roll Like Thunder by Jake Wells”

Every Poem by Micah Bournes

Every Poem by Micah Bournes Spotify: Youtube: Micah Bournes is a spoken word poet turned social justice rapper. His lyricism combined with his distinct rhythm and cadence create poetry pleasing to the ear. Every Poem is one of his earlier spoken word pieces describing a conversation he had with a fellow poet.  LyricalContinue reading “Every Poem by Micah Bournes”

someone by Emawk

(album art from Spotify: Youtube: While his songs make excellent stand-alone pieces, Emawk crafts his records as a cohesive work. He’ll weave in the same themes (topics or phrases in the lyrics) and motifs (repeated musical patterns) throughout the different tracks, connecting them as one piece. So while this post focuses on theContinue reading “someone by Emawk”

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